An­droid Wish­list: The EMail-​App

Things I do not like with An­droid, and what I would ex­pect in­stead.

The EMail-​App

 This is about the nor­mal EMail App on a stock An­droid 3.1, not about GMail. The con­nec­tion is via IMAP.

  • By de­fault the most re­cent EMail is on top. If I switch to oldest-​first or­der, the old­est EMail is shown when en­ter­ing a folder. I want to see the most re­cent one. If I let the most-​recent or­der, I see dir­ectly the new­est mes­sages, but when I read the old­est un­read mes­sage and de­lete it, the more old mes­sage is dis­played, in­stead of the more re­cent one. KMail is do­ing this bet­ter (it is able to go “up” in­stead of only “down” to go to the more re­cent mes­sage when the most re­cent mail is sor­ted on top), but in KMail I can not se­lect mul­tiple mes­sages as easy as with the nor­mal EMail App (it seems I have to long-​tap on a mail and then tell to se­lect the EMail, and just then I can just quickly tab on the very small area on the left of the sub­ject to se­lect more EMails).
  • Se­lect­ing mes­sages could also be im­proved. When I se­lect sev­er­al mes­sages, and then – by ac­ci­dent – enter a mes­sage and want to go back, the first “go back” un­se­lects all mes­sages and the second “go back” goes back to the folder-​view. I would like to go back dir­ectly to the folder-​view, in­stead of un­se­lect­ing all mes­sages.
  • The folder-​view it­self is also not nice. I have a lot of folders. IMAP sub­folders are sep­ar­ated by a dot, e.g. FreeBSD.arch and FreeBSD.mul­ti­me­dia are the sub­folders arch and mul­ti­me­dia in the folder FreeBSD. Each desktop EMail pro­gram I used so far was in­tel­li­gent enough to cre­ate a folder-​hierarchy out of this, with the pos­sib­il­ity to col­lapse the dis­play of all sub­folders of FreeBSD (I have a lot there, not only those 2) in­to one entry. If I want to field some­thing in my hier­arch­ic­al folder struc­ture, I have to scroll a long list of folders, in­stead of just (auto-)opening (dur­ing drag&drop) the cor­rect hier­archy.
  • I do not find an op­tion to tell that the App shall have a look at more than the de­fault in­box to look for new mes­sages. If I want to know if there is a new mes­sage in one of the oth­er folders, I must have a look in­to the folder(s).
  • It looks like I can only pro­duce TOFU-​replies, I have not found a way to do a prop­er interleaved-​style reply.
  • The er­ror mes­sages when set­ting up an out­go­ing (and I as­sume in­com­ing) serv­er are too brief for my taste. As a de­fault it is OK, but there should be an op­tion to en­able more verbose/​technical er­ror mes­sages for those which are able to un­der­stand them.
  • It does not op­tion­ally save send mails to a spe­cif­ic (con­fig­ur­able) folder.
  • It does not al­low to cryptocally sign mes­sages (at the mo­ment I do not really care if it is via S/​MIME or via PGP).
  • I also would like to tab with two fin­gers, and the text in-​between is se­lec­ted (not only in the EMail-​App).

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