Ad­di­tion­al FEATURE mac­ros on the way

It seems I have a bit of free time now to take care about some FreeBSD re­lated things.

As part of this I already com­mit­ted the UFS/​FFS re­lated FEATURE mac­ros which where de­veloped by kibab@ dur­ing the Google Sum­mer of Code 2010. The net­work/​ALTQ re­lated FEATURE mac­ros are in the hands of bz@, he already re­viewed them and wants to com­mit them (with some changes) as part of his im­prove­ments of parts of the net­work re­lated code.

The GEOM re­lated FEATURE mac­ros I just send some minutes ago to geom@ for re­view. All the rest went out to hackers@ for re­view. The rest in this case is re­lated to AUDIT, CAM, IPC, KTR, MAC, NFS, NTP, PMC, SYSV and a few oth­er things.

If everything is com­mit­ted, it should look a bit like this if quer­ied from user­land (not all fea­tures are shown, those are just the ones which are en­abled in the ker­nel in one of my ma­chines):

kern.features.scbus: 1
kern.features.geom_vol: 1
kern.features.geom_part_bsd: 1
kern.features.geom_part_ebr_compat: 1
kern.features.geom_part_ebr: 1
kern.features.geom_part_mbr: 1
kern.features.kposix_priority_scheduling: 1
kern.features.kdtrace_hooks: 1
kern.features.ktrace: 1
kern.features.invariant_support: 1
kern.features.compat_freebsd7: 1
kern.features.compat_freebsd6: 1
kern.features.pps_sync: 1
kern.features.stack: 1
kern.features.sysv_msg: 1
kern.features.sysv_sem: 1
kern.features.sysv_shm: 1
kern.features.posix_shm: 1
kern.features.ffs_snapshot: 1
kern.features.softupdates: 1
kern.features.ufs_acl: 1

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