rsync and CVS ex­clude

The CVS ex­clude op­tion of rsync can be harm­ful in some cases.

For ex­ample I use rsync to keep my/​this web­site up­dated. At some point I no­ticed some strange be­ha­vi­or after the up­date of sev­er­al of the Word­Press plu­gins I use. After a bit of in­vest­ig­a­tion I no­ticed that one plu­gin (Broken Link Check­er) has a dir­ect­ory which is named “core”. This is one of the fi­le­names which are in the ex­clude list of the CVS ex­clude fea­ture of rsync. Nor­mally it should only pre­vent the trans­fer of core-​files, but as rsync does not have a look if this is a file or a dir­ect­ory (it is not sup­posed to do this), it also pre­vents the trans­mis­sion of the dir­ect­ory.

After modi­fy­ing the rsync op­tions to manu­ally ex­clude the CVS pat­terns ex­cept for “core”, the site worked cor­rectly again.

It seems this is one of those cases where dif­fer­ent development/​management cul­tures show some little in­com­pat­ib­il­it­ies.

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