Sam­sung HMX-​H200 cam­cord­er

My wife de­cided that we need a cam­cord­er. As I am a good hus­band, I do not com­plain (she pays 😀 ).

There was an of­fer in a su­per mar­ket nearby. Not as low as you can find in the in­ter­net, but if there is a prob­lem, it is much more easy to com­plain. For some­thing like this, I/​we prefer this and am-​are OK to spend a little bit more money for this con­veni­ence.

This cam­cord­er is re­cord­ing to SDHC cards. Such cards have a speed rat­ing, and you need to take some min–speed one, to be able to re­cord videos with a cam­cord­er. Un­for­tu­nately Sam­sung does not list the speed rat­ing some­where. I searched on the Sam­sung site in the spe­cific­a­tions and in the FAQ. Noth­ing. After a little bit of googling I at least found a re­view where the re­cord­ing time for spe­cif­ic card-​sizes where lis­ted.

So I took the card-​size in MB, di­vided it by the re­cord­ing time in seconds, and got the data trans­fer rate per second for the spe­cified res­ol­u­tions. The 1080i res­ol­u­tion has the highest trans­fer rate and as such it is the most in­ter­est­ing one to de­cide what kind of card one needs.

The highest trans­fer rate seems to be less than 2.2 MB/​s, so a class 4 SDHC card should be enough.

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