All in­tern­al ser­vices mi­grated to IPv6

In the last days I mi­grated all my in­tern­al ser­vices to IPv6.

All my jails have an IPv4 and an IPv6 ad­dress now. All Apaches (I have one for my pic­ture gal­lery, one for web­mail, and one for in­tern­al man­age­ment) now listen on the in­tern­al IPv6 ad­dress too. Squid is up­dated from 2.x to 3.1 (the most re­cent ver­sion in the Ports Col­lec­tion) and I ad­ded some IPv6 ACLs. The in­tern­al Post­fix is con­figured to handle IPv6 too (it is de­liv­er­ing everything via an au­then­tic­ated and en­cryp­ted chan­nel to a ma­chine with a stat­ic IPv4 ad­dress for fi­nal de­liv­ery). My MySQL does not need an IPv6 ad­dress, as it is only listen­ing to re­quests via IPC (the sock­et is hard­linked between jails). All ssh dae­mons are con­figured to listen to IPv6 too. The IMAP and CUPS serv­er was pick­ing the new IPv6 ad­dresses auto­mat­ic­ally. I also up­dated Samba to handle IPv6, but due to lack of a Win­dows ma­chine which prefers IPv6 over IPv4 for CIFS ac­cess (at least I think my Win­dows XP net­book only tries IPv4 con­nec­tions) I can not really test this.

Only my Wii is a little bit be­hind, and I have not checked if my Sony-​TV will DTRT (but for this I first have to get some time to have a look if I have to up­date my DD-​WRT firm­ware on the little WLAN-​router which is “ex­tend­ing the cable” from the TV to the in­tern­al net­work, and I have to look how to con­fig­ure IPv6 with DD-​WRT).

2 thoughts on “All in­tern­al ser­vices mi­grated to IPv6”

  1. Yuo know about the vari­ous free tun­nel­broker ser­vices dont you? tun​nel​broker​.net (Hur­ricane elec­tric) will give you a free /​48 if you want to make your in­tern­al v6 ex­tern­ally ac­cess­ible.

    1. Yes I know about tun­nel­broker ser­vices. My router sup­ports sixxs​.net dir­ectly. Be­fore I go this way, I want to play a little bit around in­tern­ally to get a feel­ing for it.

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