IPv6 in my WLAN

The man­u­fac­turer of my WLAN router re­leased a new firm­ware. It con­tains IPv6 and DNSSEC sup­port. I got a little bit of time and power to in­stall it. Un­for­tu­nately my ISP does not provide IPv6 con­nectiv­ity.

I have now in­stalled the IPv6 sup­port in Win­dows XP for the Net­book, cre­ated (and re­gistered) an ULA pre­fix at SixXS, and veri­fied that the net­work stack of XP gets it from the WLAN router.

When I do an IPv6 ping from the laptop to the router, it works, but the IPv6 ad­dress does not show up in the Ho­me­n­et­work over­view of the router. Seems they still have some work to do.

Re­gard­ing DNSSEC I do not see any op­tions in the man­age­ment in­ter­face, but I as­sume it just means that the DNS serv­er does the right thing when he is con­fron­ted with re­curs­ive DNSSEC re­quests. No idea if he will val­id­ate him­self and if yes, if he will add some log mes­sages re­gard­ing it or not.

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