I switched my feed read­er

Be­fore I have read the news feeds I am in­ter­ested in via the Fire­fox plu­gin “brief”. It did all I wanted it to do, but I had all the data and metadata (all the feeds and read items) only in one browser. I was not able to have a shared state at work and at home.

Now I in­stalled rnews on my web­serv­er. It is multi-​user cap­able, so that mul­tiple people can read the feeds they are in­ter­ested in, without the need to have mul­tiple in­stall­a­tions. I can use it from any place where I have an in­ter­net con­nec­tion, without los­ing the state.

It is in the FreeBSD Ports Col­lec­tion as www/​rnews.