Un­der­stand­ing latency

Brendan Gregg of Sun Or­acle fame made a good ex­plan­a­tion how to visu­al­ize latency to get a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of what is go­ing on (and as such about how to solve bot­tle­necks). I have seen all this already in vari­ous posts in his blog and in the Ana­lyt­ics pack­age in an Open­Stor­age present­a­tion, but the ACM art­icle sum­mar­izes it very good.

Un­for­tu­nately Ana­lyt­ics is AFAIK not avail­able in OpenSol­ar­is, so we can not go out and ad­apt it for FreeBSD (which would prob­ably re­quire to port/​implement some ad­di­tion­al dtrace stuff/​probes). I am sure some­thing like this would be very in­ter­est­ing to all those com­pan­ies which use FreeBSD in an ap­pli­ance (re­gard­less if it is a stor­age ap­pli­ance like Net­App, or a net­work ap­pli­ance like a Cisco/​Juniper router, or any­thing else which has to per­form good).

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