LAME up­dated in the FreeBSD ports col­lec­tion

After all the big-​impact com­mits (Gnome/​gettext/​KDE/​X11/​…) have settled now, I took the time to up­date audio/​lame (I iden­ti­fied more than 100 ports with an (im­pli­cit) de­pend­ency on lame, 45 of them needed a port­re­vi­sion bump; if I forgot/​overlooked some, bump the re­vi­sion your­self or no­ti­fy me please). That is the first up­date of my ports where miwi@ did not beat me in com­mit­ting an up­date since a year (he has im­pli­cit ap­prov­al to do any­thing he wants with my ports).

I can be happy that he is/​was this fast (and that we have such a pro­duct­ive and ef­fi­cient com­mit­ter), or I can be sad that I do not have the time any­more to be faster than I am with such things… or both. Hmmm… I think I will go the happy way. 😉

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