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Mul­ti­me­dia opti­mized net­work card

I am tired of bad net­work cards on main­boards. Can someome who knows a mar­ket­ing guy of a main­board man­u­fac­turer please please tell them to inte­grate a good net­work card (Intel ones comes to my mind, but other non–Real­Tec ones are not bad either… if an Intel one is not pos­si­ble at all)? They just need to sell those main­boards as gam­ing and/or mul­ti­me­dia optimized:

  • a good net­work card trans­fers more data per sec­ond (even while the CPU is used much)
  • a good net­work card does not take much CPU (good DMA engine and some IPstuff–in–hard­ware features)

Sim­i­lar things can be told about good/bad SATA con­trollers and USB con­trollers. If done right, they affect the sys­tem less and/or per­form bet­ter than not so good parts.

Yes, most of this does not affect gam­ing in a sig­nif­i­cant way, but a lot of other hard­ware gamers buy does not affect the gam­ing significantly.

The point is, that they are will­ing to give more money to get some­thing bet­ter. So please, give them the pos­si­bil­ity to pay a lit­tle bit more for good qual­ity so that good stuff will go mainstream.

And do not under­es­ti­mate the power of mouth-to-mouth mar­ket­ing. If you pro­duce some­thing bet­ter than other com­pa­nies for a fair price (no need to play the we-are-the-cheapest game, just take care to not be the most expen­sive one), it will be bought.

BTW: This is sim­i­lar to the mar­ket­ing with good capac­i­tors, just on an IT instead of an elec­tri­cal level.

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