Fire­fox 3.6, fi­nally de­liv­er­ing a sane proxy hand­ling

At work we have to use a proxy which re­quires au­thor­iz­a­tion. With pre­vi­ous ver­sions (fire­fox 3.0.x and 3.5.y for each val­id x and y) I had the prob­lem that each tab re­ques­ted to enter the mas­ter pass­word when start­ing fire­fox, to be able to fill in the proxy-​auth data (short­cut: fill in only the first re­quest, and for all oth­ers just hit return/​OK). So for each tab I had to do some­thing for the master-​password, and after that for each tab I also had to con­firm the proxy-​auth stuff.

Very an­noy­ing! Oh, I should maybe men­tion that as of this writ­ing I have 31 tabs open. Some­times there are more, some­times there are less.

Now with fire­fox 3.6 this is not the case any­more. Yeah! Great! Fi­nally only one time the mas­ter pass­word stuff, and then one time the proxy-​auth stuff, and then all tabs pro­ceed.

It took a long time since my first re­port about this, but now it is fi­nally there. This is the best im­prove­ment in 3.6 for me.