I merged a lot of ZFS patches to 7-​stable

Dur­ing the last weeks I iden­ti­fied 64 patches for ZFS which are in 8–stable but not in 7-​stable. For 56 of them I had a deep­er look and most of them are com­mited now to 7-​stable. The ones of those 56 which I did not com­mit are not ap­plic­able to 7-​stable (in­fra­struc­ture dif­fer­ences between 8 and 7).

Un­for­tu­nately this did not solve the sta­bil­ity prob­lems I have on a 7-​stable sys­tem.

I also com­mit­ted a diff re­duc­tion (between 8-​stable and 7-​stable) patch which also fixed some not so harm­less mis­merges (mem-​leak and ini­tial­iz­ing the same mu­tex twice at dif­fer­ent places). No idea yet if it helps in my case.

I also want to merge the new arc re­claim lo­gic from head to 8-​stable and 7-​stable. Maybe I can do this to­mor­row.

Cur­rently I run a test with a ker­nel where the shared locks for ZFS are switched to ex­clus­ive locks.

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