Video for linux (v4l) emu­la­tion com­ing to the linuxu­lat­or

I am in the pro­cess of pre­par­ing the im­port of code which makes v4l devices us­able in the linuxu­lat­or. Ba­sic­ally this means you can use your web­cam in skype (tested by the sub­mit­ter of the patch on amd64).

This is not a “ap­ply patch and com­mit” thing, be­cause the ori­gin­al videodev.h (with some modi­fic­a­tions) is used. I was seek­ing the OK from core@ for this. As there is no li­cense in the head­er, and the ori­gin­al au­thor (Alan Cox, the linux one, not our FreeBSD one) gave per­mis­sions to use it, core@ is OK with the im­port.

I in­tent to do a vendor im­port of the linux head­er (pre­pared today, to­geth­er with some readme which ex­plains where it comes from and some stuff to show that we are on the safe side re­gard­ing leg­al stuff), and then I want to copy this over to the linuxu­lat­or as linux_videodev.h and com­mit the patch (prob­ably a little bit mod­i­fied in a few places). My plan is to com­mit it this week. People which already want to play around with it now can have a look at the emu­la­tion mailing­list, a link to the patch is pos­ted there.

With the head­er be­ing in a vendor branch, in­ter­ested people could then start to sub­mit new BSD li­censed drivers or modi­fy ex­ist­ing drivers which make use of the v4l in­ter­face, but I let the im­port of the head­er in­to the FreeBSD in­clude dir­ect­ory up to the per­son which wants to com­mit the first nat­ive FreeBSD-​v4l sup­port.

When such nat­ive FreeBSD-​v4l sup­port is com­mit­ted, the linuxu­lat­or code needs to be re­vised.

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