SUN Open­Stor­age present­a­tion

At work (cli­ent site) SUN made a present­a­tion about their Open­Stor­age products (Sun Stor­age 7000 Uni­fied Stor­age Sys­tems) today.

From a tech­no­logy point of view, the soft­ware side is noth­ing new to me. Us­ing SSDs for zfs as a read-​/​write-​cache is some­thing we can do (partly) already since at least Sol­ar­is 10u6 (that is the low­est Sol­ar­is 10 ver­sion we have in­stalled here, so I can not check quickly if the ZIL can be on a sep­ar­ate disk in pre­vi­ous ver­sions of Sol­ar­is, but I think we have to wait un­til we up­dated to Sol­ar­is 10u8 un­til we can have the L2ARC on a sep­ar­ate disk) or in FreeBSD. All oth­er nice ZFS fea­tures avail­able in the Open­Stor­age web in­ter­face are also not sur­pris­ing.

But the demon­stra­tion with the Stor­age Sim­u­lat­or im­pressed me. The in­ter­ac­tion with Win­dows via CIFS makes the older ver­sion of files in snap­shots avail­able in Win­dows (I as­sume this is the Volume Shad­ow Copy fea­ture of Win­dows), and the stat­ist­ics avail­able via DTrace in the web in­ter­face are also im­press­ive. All this tech­no­logy seems to be well in­teg­rated in­to an easy to use pack­age for het­ero­gen­eous en­vir­on­ments. If you would like to setup some­thing like this by hand, you would need to have a lot of know­ledge about a lot of stuff (and in the FreeBSD case, you would prob­ably need to aug­ment the ker­nel with ad­di­tion­al DTrace probes to be able to get a sim­il­ar gran­u­lar­ity of the stat­ist­ics), noth­ing a small com­pany is will­ing to pay.

I know that I can get a lot of in­form­a­tion with DTrace (from time to time I have some free cycles to ex­tend the FreeBSD DTrace im­ple­ment­a­tion with ad­di­tion­al DTrace probes for the linuxu­lat­or), but what they did with DTrace in the Open­Stor­age soft­ware is great. If you try to do this at home your­self, you need some time to im­ple­ment some­thing like this (I do not think you can take the DTrace scripts and run them on FreeBSD, this will prob­ably take some weeks un­til it works).

It is also the first time I see this new CIFS im­ple­ment­a­tion from SUN in ZFS life in ac­tion. It looks well done. In­teg­ra­tion with AD looks more easy than do­ing it by hand in Samba (at least from look­ing at the Open­Stor­age web in­ter­face). If we could get this in FreeBSD… it would rock!

The en­tire Open­Stor­age web in­ter­face looks us­able. I think SUN has a product there which al­lows them to enter new mar­kets. A product which they can sell to com­pan­ies which did not buy some­thing from SUN be­fore (even Windows-​only com­pan­ies). I think even those Win­dows ad­mins which nev­er touch a com­mand line in­ter­face (read: the low-​level ones; not com­par­able at all with the really high-​profile Win­dows ad­mins of our cli­ent) could be able to get this up and run­ning.

As it seems at the mo­ment, our cli­ent will get a Sun Stor­age F5100 Flash Ar­ray for tech­no­logy eval­u­ation in the be­gin­ning of next year. Un­for­tu­nately the tech­no­logy looks to easy to handle, so I as­sume I have to take care about more com­plex things when this ma­chine ar­rives… 🙁

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  1. Thanks
    All earned for­got kld­load dtraceall at this time:)
    Strange but earli­er for some reas­on did not work
    # dtrace -n “*” | head
    dtrace: de­scrip­tion ”*” matched 33839 probes
    0 1 :BEGIN
    0 27987 critical_enter:entry
    0 27988 critical_enter:return
    0 25753 smp_rendezvous_cpus:entry
    0 16025 _mtx_lock_spin_flags:entry
    0 24949 witness_checkorder:entry
    0 24950 witness_checkorder:return
    0 20987 spinlock_enter:entry
    0 27987 critical_enter:entry
    desk# un­ame -rm
    9.0-CURRENT amd64

  2. Great post. Do you think it is pos­sible to hook Win­dows “Ver­sions” up to a FreeBSD box that has ZFS snap­shots? These in­struc­tions look like they should work with FreeBSD:


    I agree that Sun”s “in ker­nel” im­ple­ment­a­tion of CIFS is quite nice esp. with AD in­teg­ra­tion. It would not be as “easy” (heheh) to port as ZFS though. While I really like FreeBSD”s new NFS4 im­ple­ment­a­tion (thanks rickm!) CIFS is start­ing to dis­place NFS (even NFS4) even in Unix shops 🙁

    It is strange when open source ver­sions of unix do not lever­age Ker­ber­os and LDAP as much as Mi­crosoft. Sun/​Oracle are chan­ging that a bit.

    1. Yes, in FreeBSD zfs-​snapshots work (it is more easy to tell what does not work: iSC­SI and CIFS ex­ports). So if we could get a CIFS im­ple­ment­a­tion which sup­ports this (does not mat­ter if this is via Samba or some­thing else), it should work.

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