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Some com­pa­nies do not want to get money…

The rea­son [1] for our prob­lems with the phone @Work (see related posts) is known now. The com­pany pay­ing for the phone lines changed the tax num­ber [2] (fall­out [3] of a require­ment to make busi­ness with banks [4] here), informed the 2 phone com­pa­nies they are using about it, got a bill from one with the old tax num­ber and from the other one with the cor­rect tax [5] num­ber, informed the phone com­pany which used the old num­ber again, got again a bill with the wrong tax num­ber, informed them again, … until the phone com­pany cut the line (pay­ing the bill while there is the wrong tax num­ber on it seems to cause big prob­lems later in the tax/money [6] han­dling chain).

So there a sev­eral kinds of phone com­pa­nies here. Those which want to make busi­ness with cus­tomers (e.g. Ver­i­zon [7] in LU), and those which do not (e.g. P&T in LU).

Let us wait and see when we get work­ing phone lines and from whom… :-)

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#1 Comment By DES On October 20, 2009 @ 12:56

I have seen worse.

Many years ago, $Pre­vi­ousEm­ployer made the Big Move from $BigTelco to $Big­gerTelco, which amongst other things involved get­ting new phones and new SIM cards for all employ­ees, etc. As part of the pack­age, $Big­gerTelco even installed repeaters to improve recep­tion in some of the more bunker-like parts of the compound.

About a month after the move, the first bill arrived. And the sec­ond. Iden­ti­cal to the first.

So $Pre­vi­ousEm­ployer called $Big­gerTelco to sort things out, and $Big­gerTelco admit­ted that yes, it was a mis­take, they””””d clear it up right away, just pay one of them, but not both, etc. So $Pre­vi­ousEm­ployer paid one of the bills, but not both.

Two weeks later, $Pre­vi­ousEm­ployer was dis­con­nected for not pay­ing the dupli­cate bill.

(ISTR this hap­pened twice in a row, but it was a long time ago, so I am a bit fuzzy on the details)

Shortly after that, $Pre­vi­ousEm­ployer switched back to $BigTelco.

(the fun thing is that $Pre­vi­ousEm­ployer was a major con­trac­tor for both $BigTelco and $BiggerTelco)