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No phone @Work since a week…

Since a week we (7−10 peo­ple) can not make or receive phone calls with the phones at work. Luck­ily this is only the remote-half of the team which works for this client, the onsite peo­ple do not have this problem.

As bad as this is from the client-relations side of view, I have to say this makes it quiet and relax­ing here ATM… We get requests via EMail or our ticket-system (or a coworker pro­vides some info on the mobiles) and we can han­dle them with­out much disturbance.

Before you think bad about the com­pany I work for… we are just a sub­con­trac­tor, the phone lines are not han­dled by us (but I was told that the issue is now looked at by the big boss).

The run­ning gag of the week is mak­ing the error-noise of the phone.

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