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The doc­u­men­ta­tion of CUPS is not very good (CUPS client setup)

Yes­ter­day evening I did setup a CUPS server at home. It was on my TODO list since years. Before I just went down­stairs and con­nected the printer via USB to the laptop/net­book for print­ing (to pickup the print­out I have to go there any­way). It is not the first time that I setup the server side of CUPS, but it was the first time that I wanted to use the CUPS com­mand line util­i­ties instead of the FreeBSD/Solaris printspooler and the native lpr/lp commands.

First I just had a look at some man-pages of the CUPS util­i­ties, in the hope to find some com­mand to tell that any print­ing should be done via a remote CUPS server. As I did not find any­thing, I went to the doc­u­men­ta­tion page of CUPS to search there. To me this is some sim­ple con­fig part if you want to print from more than one machine, so I had a look at the “Get­ting Started” part. This was a total fail­ure. I found noth­ing related to my prob­lem. After that I went to the “Man Pages” part to search for a com­mand which I may have over­looked. Again, a total fail­ure. The FAQ also does not con­tain any use­ful infor­ma­tion when you search for “client” or “remote”. In the end I stum­bled over the client.conf entry in the Ref­er­ences part. After I found this it was easy (and fast, I just added a line in client.conf with “Server­Name <server>” and every­thing worked as I wanted it to work).

The setup in Win­dows XP to use the CUPS server is easy, just add a net­work printer via http://<server>:631/printers/<printer> and use the cor­rect printer dri­ver for your printer model. Do not for­get to make the application/object-stream in the mime* con­fig files and allow remote print­ing in the server. No, I do not want to inte­grate it into Samba, the num­ber of Win­dows sys­tems is very lim­ited (2 Win­dows against 2 Unix machines with 14 light­weight vir­tual Unix machines), so I do not need this.


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