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EMC^2/Legato Net­worker tests

Regard­ing our last prob­lems with NW:

  • OK: the “restart NW-server directly after delet­ing a client with index entries”-crash is fixed
  • Mostly OK: shut­ting down a stor­age node does not crash the NW-server any­more… most of the time (some­times there is some strange behav­ior in this regard, we do not have enough evi­dence, but there may be still some sleep­ing dragons)
  • ?: we did not yet check the dis­as­ter recover part
  • NOK: the post-cmd is still run one minute after the pre-cmd in some cases, maybe this is related to a session/save-set which is not yet started but the pre-cmd is already run, if this is the case, this could maybe also affect the case where there is more than one minute of delay between the end of one session/save-set on a machine and the start of another session/save-set on the same machine (the sup­port is investigating)
  • NOK: some Ora­cleRMAN back­ups (cus­tom save com­mand, perl script) show a run­ning ses­sion in the NW-monitoring and some do not, after the backup mminfo some­times lists the group of a RMAN-save-set and some­times not (for the same client), under inves­ti­ga­tion by the support

So, for us is still a beta version.

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