EMC^2/Legato Net­work­er tests

Re­gard­ing our last prob­lems with NW:

  • OK: the “re­start NW-​server dir­ectly after de­let­ing a cli­ent with in­dex entries”-crash is fixed
  • Mostly OK: shut­ting down a stor­age node does not crash the NW-​server any­more… most of the time (some­times there is some strange be­ha­vi­or in this re­gard, we do not have enough evid­ence, but there may be still some sleep­ing dragons)
  • ?: we did not yet check the dis­aster re­cov­er part
  • NOK: the post-​cmd is still run one minute after the pre-​cmd in some cases, maybe this is re­lated to a session/​save-​set which is not yet star­ted but the pre-​cmd is already run, if this is the case, this could maybe also af­fect the case where there is more than one minute of delay between the end of one session/​save-​set on a ma­chine and the start of an­oth­er session/​save-​set on the same ma­chine (the sup­port is in­vest­ig­at­ing)
  • NOK: some Or­acle-RMAN backups (cus­tom save com­mand, perl script) show a run­ning ses­sion in the NW-​monitoring and some do not, after the backup mminfo some­times lists the group of a RMAN-​save-​set and some­times not (for the same cli­ent), un­der in­vest­ig­a­tion by the sup­port

So, for us is still a beta ver­sion.

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