Some more WP plu­gins

Ad­di­tion­ally to the WP plu­gins I already talked about, I in­stalled some more since then:

  • aLinks: auto­mat­ic link gen­er­a­tion based upon rules/​modules/​keywords
  • All in one SEO Pack: Search En­gine Op­tim­iz­a­tion, e.g. auto­mat­ic meta tag gen­er­a­tion and more
  • Glob­al Trans­lat­or: auto­mat­ic machine-​translation of your posts in­to oth­er lan­guages (see the coun­try flags in the side­bar)
  • Google XML Sitemaps: auto­mat­ic­ally gen­er­ates a sitemap and an­nounces the up­date (after a post) to sev­er­al searchen­gines
  • http:BL word­press plu­gin: checks vis­it­ors against the Pro­ject Honey Pot black­list (email har­vest­ing) and re­jects ac­cess
  • In­foLink: adds a but­ton to look up marked text in the ed­it­or and link the markup to the first res­ult if de­sired
  • One-​Time Pass­word: al­lows to use one-​time pass­words (RFC 2289) for the WP lo­gin
  • Smart­linker: an­oth­er but­ton for the ed­it­or re­gard­ing auto­mat­ic link­ing (gives oth­er auto­mat­ic links than the oth­er auto­mat­ic link­ing plu­gins)
  • Up­date No­ti­fi­er: sends me a mail when there is a up­date for WP
  • WP-​Print: print­er friendly page of the post­ing (see the link be­low the title of this post), I had to patch it to not print the links from the WP AJAX Edit Com­ments plu­gin
  • WP AJAX Edit Com­ments: provides an AJAX edit in­ter­face for com­ments

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