Doxy­gen stuff up­dated in 9-​current

I com­mit­ted my patch for tools/​kerneldoc/​subsys. Ex­cept for not gen­er­at­ing the PDF part, this is now the same con­fig which I use to gen­er­ate the on­line ver­sion. While writ­ing the com­mit log I no­ticed that I did more changes than I thought…

So any­one who wants to gen­er­ate the Doxy­gen docs of some FreeBSD ker­nel sub­sys­tems on his own, can do it now. Adding more sub­sys­tems is easy, just make a copy of one the the ex­ist­ing Doxyfile-* files – keep the same nam­ing scheme – and change the con­tents. Everything else is handled auto­mat­ic­ally.

I also ad­ded a link to the FreeBSD wiki. It is not at a prom­in­ent place (near the end of the main page), but at least someone can find the link to the my FreeBSD-doxy­gen page there.

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