My own XMPP/​Jabber serv­er

In the last week I took some time to setup my own jab­ber serv­er.

I de­cided to have a look at ejab­berd. Seems to be nice. The ini­tial con­fig  was done without a prob­lem. Then I tried to en­able some ad­di­tion­al stuff and then the docs star­ted to be not clear enough. It seems you have to con­fig­ure ad­di­tion­al host names if you want to add e.g. the echo ser­vice and an ICQ trans­port. I tried first with just the name of the sys­tem, but this did not work out as ex­pec­ted. Now I have sev­er­al DNS entries to the same sys­tem, just to be able to run a XMPP serv­er with some ad­di­tion­al fea­tures . The de­fault set­tings of the trans­ports are also to listen on loc­al­host, in­stead of a real in­ter­face of the ma­chine.

Not really user­friendly, and the docs do not ex­pli­citly tell that you have to have those ad­di­tion­al entries (it is some­how told im­pli­citly, but if you go this way for the first time, it may not be ob­vi­ous).

To con­fig­ure ac­cess via an web fron­tend (via the http_​bind/​bochs ex­ten­sion), the docs are also not very clear. It is easy to over­look that you have to make a change in the listen part and in the mod­ules part. After get­ting everything right, all seems to work good. I already have sev­er­al users and it seems that they are sat­is­fied. The only “bad” thing is that pidgin does not seem to give a nice UI to add your ICQ (or whatever trans­port you have con­figured ad­di­tion­ally) ac­count. While pidgin can do ICQ, people may use the webin­ter­face at some loc­a­tions, so it would be nice if pidgin would sup­port this bet­ter.

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