In­ter­est­ing stuff up­com­ming (mul­ti­me­dia, Wiimote)

For a long time I didn’t wrote some­thing in my blog. This hap­pens from time to time to a lot of people I think… 🙂

Ok, so some in­ter­est­ing news on the FreeBSD front: I’m port­ing NMM (ver­sion 1.0.0).Back in the days when I was writ­ting my dip­loma thes­is, those people where work­ing on it already. I al­ways wanted to port it, as it was cool to see it in ac­tion (one sys­tem picked up a foot­ball match and dis­trib­uted it to a lot of PCs in the loc­al sub­net (AFAIR mul­tic­ast) and even hand­helds in real-​time (with auto­mat­ic downs­iz­ing to the out­put device), and was also dis­trib­ut­ing it to the Uni-​Aula (AFAIR TCP stream)). The box was not power­ful at all, and you where able to do a lot of pro­cessing on any ma­chine in the net­work, while the cli­ent didn’t know where which pro­cessing happened. They also present it for sev­er­al years on the CEBIT in Ger­many. They have videos show­ing it in ac­tion. You can do a lot more cool things with this. Think about a net­work aware mul­ti­me­dia cen­ter. You can have your movies /​ MP3s /​ whatever on sev­er­al ma­chines in your net­work, and the out­put is dis­played on a not so power­ful ma­chine without any trace in the GUI that there are oth­er ma­chines in­volved. And if you want to play around, you can even see/​hear the same stuff syn­chron­ized at the same time in mul­tiple rooms and even on your hand­held device.

This is sched­uled to be used in the new KDE mul­ti­me­dia in­fra­struc­ture, and even in some Bang&Olufsen products.

So far it com­piles after a little bit of patch­ing, but there are some strange things to solve be­fore I can even try to use it. I pos­ted a mes­sage to the de­vel­op­ment for­um, let’s wait and see what they have to tell.

And on a re­lated area, I also got a Wiimote (Wii re­mote con­trol­ler) work­ing in FreeBSD. I think this will be a nice mouse re­place­ment for a mul­ti­me­dia cen­ter. I have a dis­cus­sion on the FreeBSD bluetooth mailing­list re­gard­ing this.

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