Re­mov­ing su­per­flous calls to basename/​dirname in bsd​.port​.mk

I just sub­mit­ted my patch to re­move calls (exec()ing) to basename/​dirname in bsd​.port​.mk to GNATS. I didn’t time if this im­proves any­thing, but I as­sume do­ing a regex re­place­ment in a make-​variable uses less re­sources than do­ing a fork()&exec() or a sys­tem() call.

I don’t think this gives a huge im­prove­ment at all, it’s maybe even be­low the meas­ure­ment threshold, but hey, why us­ing ex­tern­al tools if the in­tern­al fea­tures are enough to do what you want? At least this patch is re­cor­ded now some­where…

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