Round-​up of re­cent FreeBSD work

I had a look at some USB PRs and wrote a list of those with patches to Warner (as he is work­ing on USB stuff cur­rently). I also cat­egor­ized them (easy, not easy, maybe already fixed, …). The easy ones he handled already, for the rest I don’t know his cur­rent plans.

Re­gard­ing linuxu­lat­or stuff I’m work­ing on a MFC patch (no TLS, no fu­texes). As I don’t have a -stable box I need some help test­ing it be­fore I can com­mit it. I only com­pile tested this on -cur­rent with the new gcc 4.2. What I need is:

  • test­ing on i386, amd64 (if I for­got some­thing, it may pan­ic your sys­tem)
  • “make uni­verse” test (you have to grep all the logs for “Er­ror 1” and in­vest­ig­ate the er­ror if there’s one)
  • LTP test run, see the wiki for more (best would be a diff of the logs in the res­ult dir­ect­ory of no-​patch/​patch runs)
  • nor­mal linux ap­plic­a­tion use-​tests

What the patch provides is:

  • mmap fixes
  • fix mem­leaks
  • add mprotect/​iopl/​lstat/ftruncate/statfs64/timer_*/mq_*
  • more er­rno value map­ping
  • don’t lim­it num­ber of sy­scalls to 255
  • al­low to ex­ec libs
  • ioctl TIOCGPTN
  • handle more sock­et op­tions
  • de-​COMPAT_​43-​ify
  • add dummy sy­scalls so that we know what is needed (re­ports from users)
  • style(9)
  • lin­procfs en­hance­ments

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