Ports re­lated stuff

The pack­age de­pend­ency spee­dup was com­mit­ted by port­m­gr, un­for­tu­nately it was not the latest ver­sion of it. The most re­cent ver­sion is sched­uled for an ex­per­i­ment­al ports build run (my patch also con­tains the pos­sib­il­ity to switch of the re­gis­tra­tion of im­pli­cit de­pend­en­cies, if en­abled it gives a much bet­ter pic­ture re­gard­ing which port needs to be re­build (port­re­vi­sion bump) in case a de­pend­ency changes).

Patches for speed­ing up “make clean” are also sched­uled for an ex­per­i­ment­al ports build run. The pkg_​create patch was also com­mit­ted to -cur­rent.

With all those stuff an up­date is much faster now, at least for those ports where the compile/​build time was much lower than the in­fra­struc­ture pro­cessing (I doubt you will see a sig­ni­fic­ant change in a build of OO 😉 ).

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