Speed­ing up the pack­age de­pend­ency list cre­ation

Steph­en Montgomery-​Smith pos­ted some patches for bsd​.port​.mk to the ports mailing­list to speed up the pack­age de­pend­ency list cre­ation. He did cut down the time from about 2min30sec (pack­age de­pend­ency list of gnome2, tested on my sys­tem) to about 15 – 18sec. I en­hanced this and now the time is down to about 12sec and a lot less pro­grams to ex­ecute in the call (may be im­port­ant on slow sys­tems).

The patch for bsd​.port​.mk in my ports-​patches dir­ect­ory con­tains more than only those im­prove­ments, the oth­er part is not sub­ject to sub­mis­sion yet.

If nobody finds some prob­lems with the patch I will send it to GNATS and as­sign it to port­m­gr for in­clu­sion in­to one of the next ex­per­i­ment­al ports builds.

1 thought on “Speed­ing up the pack­age de­pend­ency list cre­ation”

  1. FreeBSD keeps amaz­ing me day and after day!

    Thank you for all your hard work guys! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see this com­mited soon 😉


    Ab­dul­lah Ibn Ha­mad Al-​Marri

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