Linuxu­lat­or news

Today I com­mit­ted the up­dated linux aio stuff to p4. It’s a mod­ule now, so it can be loaded as needed. I also up­dated the p4 diff in the wiki, so any­one can down­load and test it (please do it!).

Ma­jor fea­tures in the p4 diff are fu­texes and TLS for amd64. So if you own an amd64 sys­tem please down­load the patch and give it a try. I’m in­ter­ested in re­ports for linux-fire­fox, skype, real­play­er and acror­ead on amd64.

There’s one known bug with the mmap be­ha­vi­or on amd64 (even in cur­rent). I don’t know if this only af­fects the LTP tests or real world ap­plic­a­tions, but be­cause there’s much time between the mmap com­mits and the re­port, I think it’s only a prob­lem for the re­gres­sion tests and not a prob­lem which shows up in typ­ic­al us­age scen­ari­os.

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