Up­com­ming sound stuff

Ry­an got per­mis­sion to ex­tend the work he did in the SoC as part of a class at uni­ver­sity. He wants to push down the new mix­er stuff to the driver level now. He does it in the emu10kx driver (be­cause he has such a card) and maybe in an­oth­er driver. This will al­low to use a lot more of the fea­tures a card of­fers. Yur­iy (au­thor of the emu10kx driver) has some work in the driver sched­uled too, so I offered him a p4 ac­count so that they can col­lab­or­ate. As of this writ­ting it is up to the p4 ad­mins to grant an ac­count.

And while I’m at it: Kon­stantin (env24* driver au­thor) got his p4 ac­count already. He tries to get some time to com­mit his work in pro­gress there.

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