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Progress in the linux 2.6.x compatibility

Posted By netchild On January 27, 2007 @ 12:32 In FreeBSD,Kernel,Linuxulator | No Comments

Since my call for test­ing the extended lin­ux­u­la­tor [1] in FreeBSD [2]-cur­rent [3] we got not much neg­a­tive responses [4]. Ping doesn’t work on the linux [5] side (fixed in p4), ordi­nary net­work [6] con­nec­tions (e.g. down­load­ing some stuff) works fine. There seems to be a dead­lock [7] on SMP sys­tems [8] when com­pil­ing a lot of stuff in par­al­lel (e.g. using emerge in a gentoo-chroot with MAKEFLAGS=-j4), this is being under inves­ti­ga­tion by Roman. Com­pil­ing stuff seri­ally on an UP sys­tem works just fine so far.

I’m won­der­ing if the lack of responses means that every­thing is run­ning just fine, or that nobody is giv­ing it a try. So far the daily use of linux pro­grams [9] (acroread [10], linux-firefox, …) with 2.6.16 com­pat­i­bil­ity seems to just work fine on UP and SMP sys­tems and cur­rently I don’t see a rea­son to not switch the default in i386 in a week.

Jung-uk Kim is work­ing on the linux-TLS on amd64 part. ATM he is chas­ing bugs. It looks we can get fea­ture par­ity between i386/linux and amd64/linux32 soon.

Intron did send in a patch for the linux-aio stuff. Now I just need to get time to have a look at it.

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