Fix for the showstop­per bug in the linuxu­lat­or

I got time yes­ter­day to test acror­ead with the patch from In­tron/​Kostik and … Yeah! I was not able to crash acror­ead in the 2.6.16 emu­la­tion! Great! Re­quest for wide­spread test­ing soon?!?

Now we just have to de­term­ine if we have to care about the lock­ing (I don’t know if kib@ already asked jhb@ about it) and the race con­di­tion. In case the user­land ex­hib­its very very bad pro­gram­ming and is us­ing the FD be­fore open() re­turns suc­cess­fully, the pro­gram could read data. This can only hap­pen if the pro­gram has the right per­mis­sion to this data (the open is sup­posed to fail in this case not be­cause of ac­cess re­stric­tions, but be­cause of e.g., the wrong file type).

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