Pro­gress in the linuxu­lat­or

On of the ma­jor showstop­per bugs in the linux 2.6 emu­la­tion is that acror­ead does not work. Now we have patches (proof of concept by In­tron, re­fined patch by Kib) for it. I didn’t had time to test it yet (mind you, every­one else is not able to run acror­ead with 2.6, I’m able to run it at least with some files or no file at all), but I want to do an ex­tens­ive test (I know sev­er­al ways of killing it with 2.6).

If everything goes well and no oth­er showstop­per bug ap­pears, we may be able to re­quest more ex­tens­ive test­ing of the 2.6 emu­la­tion, at least on i386. First this should be done by ask­ing people to switch, and maybe after a week by switch­ing the de­fault emu­la­tion to 2.6 in -cur­rent (at least for a while).

This is spe­cially im­port­ant as the Fe­dora Leg­acy pro­ject an­nounced that they will aban­don sup­port for FC4. FC5+ is not able to run on a 2.4 ker­nel.

And while I’m at it: I sub­mit­ted the status re­port for the linuxu­lat­or. It con­tains some nice stat­ist­ic about the num­ber of fixed bugs (com­par­ing 6.2 and -cur­rent). No, I will not tell you in ad­vance, you have to wait some days un­til the re­port shows up. 😛

2 thoughts on “Pro­gress in the linuxu­lat­or”

  1. I have do some test on you linuxator,and I look­up you code .it seems that there is still some­thing wrong with the linux sig­nal emul .
    I have two ques­tion about the sig­nal.
    1\ when we want to kill a sig­nal to a linux process(linux_kill),signal like SIGKILL or SIGSTOP should be linux pro­cess wide. that is mean we should de­pend on the “em “struct in a proc to find all the linux thread in the proc ‚and kill them. but in your linuxtor,I find noth­ing to do with it.
    2\ in nptl im­ple­met­a­tion, pthread_​cancel will send SIGCANCEL(number is 32) to a thread. but there is noth­ing to do with it .so pthread_​cancel is still not done with it.

    I wish I can get an­swer

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