Short status: Real­Play­er, Sound, Linux, …

I’m busy with non–FreeBSD re­lated stuff since a while, so there’s not much to say.

Real­Play­er: Shaun, the FreeBSD main­tain­er of the helix­play­er port, prom­ised to pol­ish up a patch­set when he gets time to port helix­play­er to a more re­cent ver­sion and send it to the cor­res­pond­ing helix com­munity (re­ques­ted by some people at Real after show­ing them the patches via cvsweb). Their re­view and in­teg­ra­tion of this stuff will help in get­ting a Real­Play­er bin­ary from Real.

Sound: The work of Ar­iff (and every oth­er con­trib­ut­or) in the HDA area seems to be very ap­pre­ci­ated. There are aven voices ask­ing for a MFC. I don’t think we will get it for 6.2. It’s too late in the re­lease pro­cess and Ar­iff seems to be busy.

Sound2: Ry­an com­mit­ted a fix to P4 which should provide some miss­ing stuff to some break­ing ports. If someone has time to com­mit it…

Linux: A lot of pro­gress happened here. The long­stand­ing ma­jor bug on amd64 is fixed and MFCed (thanks to kib!), so we fi­nally got some res­ults for the amd64 runs of the LTP test­cases (now col­or coded to spot prob­lems much faster). The status of the stable run is already on the wiki page (but this is without the MFC). Runs on cur­rent (2.4.2 and 2.6.16 based emu­la­tion) and stable after the MFC where already done, but I didn’t got time to wiki-​fy their status yet.

Ports: I already have an up­date for my sylpheed-​claws port to 2.6.0 to­geth­er with a move to LOCALBASE (in­clud­ing the plu­gin ports) avail­able, but I have to wait un­til the ports–slush is lif­ted.