Nat­ive Real­Play­er for FreeBSD

Some days ago I got ap­prov­al from Real, I’m al­lowed to blog about the nat­ive FreeBSD Real­Play­er. Now I get time to blog about it.

Ok, there’s not much to say about it so far. Some people in the FreeBSD com­munity (among them 2 com­mit­ters, guess who is one of them…) are help­ing Real to get it up and run­ning on FreeBSD. The FreeBSD build ma­chine is setup and some build logs are already gen­er­ated. Some minor prob­lems where iden­ti­fied (miss­ing soft­ware which can be in­stalled out of the ports, some minor is­sues in the build sys­tem and some oth­er easy to fix stuff I don’t re­mem­ber ATM) in a first round of log–re­view.

This re­minds me that I should have a look if there are some new logs. Maybe I get time at the week­end. Let’s hope I don’t for­get about it… 😉

14 thoughts on “Nat­ive Real­Play­er for FreeBSD”

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  3. The bin­ary ver­sion (Real­Play­er) is based upon the Open Source ver­sion (helix­play­er). So any fix to Real­Play­er (our goal is to get it run­ning on FreeBSD) will be be­ne­fi­cial to the Open Source ver­sion too. So in some sense you will get both.

  4. Helix­Play­er is the Open Source pendant to Real­Play­er without cer­tain co­decs (com­pare OpenOffice/​StarOffice)

    So any fix to Real­Play­er (our goal is to get it run­ning on FreeBSD) will be be­ne­fi­cial to the Open Source ver­sion too

    … is rather lo­gic­al, isn’t it?

  5. It’s good news, but i’m not that happy with Real. They use Gtk and this won’t in­teg­rate well with KDE dis­tros such as PC-​BSD and DesktopBSD.

    At least Skype and Op­era use Qt. I won’t use RealOne play­er for this reas­on.

  6. Sorry, you are wrong, there’s ab­so­lutely no prob­lem in­clud­ing Real­play­er in PC-​BSD or DesktopBSD, they are already in­cluded (as well as oth­er Gtk-​based apps).

  7. No I’m not wrong. I use Fire­fox and Ac­robat Read­er with KDE on FreeBSD, and they don’t in­teg­rate well at all even with gtk-​qt-​engine. These are the only 2 Gtk ap­plic­a­tions that I use. I avoid them.

    It’s like us­ing Skype (Qt) in Ubuntu (Gtk). It looks ugly.

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