Try­ing to get some more sound­sys­tem re­lated pro­gress

I star­ted a wiki page about im­prov­ing the sound­sys­tem. The idea is sim­il­ar to the wiki page about im­prov­ing our linuxolat­or. It’s a way to tell the people what is cur­rently avail­able as patches (and where), what is broken and needs to be fixed, which im­prove­ments we like to see and so on. It’s maybe also a good place to list docs for sound­chips. Cur­rently the page about the sound­sys­tem is a little bit low on con­tent. I hope a lot of people con­trib­ute with ideas, facts, sug­ges­tions, point­ers to help­ful stuff, (point­ers to) bugs, point­ing out lack of docs and so on (either by modi­fy­ing the page, or by mail­ing stuff to multimedia@​FreeBSD.​org).

With the linux page I was able to gain some mo­mentum and sev­er­al people are already help­ing with patches, run­ning tests and so on (even little help mat­ters). I hope the sound page will show a sim­il­ar be­ne­fit.

So dear read­er, do you play some mu­sic some­times? Do you play an in­stru­ment which can be con­nec­ted to some oth­er stuff (MIDI)? Do you use acror­ead, skype, or some oth­er linux soft­ware? If yes go to the wiki pages and read them please. When you’re fin­ished please donate 5 – 10 minutes (I don’t mind if you sepnd more) of your time and try to tell us at multimedia@​FreeBSD.​org or emulation@​FreeBSD.​org about stuff you think could be listet there (in­stead of smoking a ci­gar­ette, ar­gue­ing about bad be­ha­vi­or of people around you, or sim­il­ar neg­at­ive stuff). Thanks in ad­vance and trust me, you will earn good karma when you do this!

5 thoughts on “Try­ing to get some more sound­sys­tem re­lated pro­gress”

  1. Hi Al­ex­an­der

    I hope this com­ment will not be left un­seen and it will get a re­sponse,
    if there is a more ap­pro­pri­ate meth­od for leav­ing a com­ment to you,
    let me know.

    Cur­rently us­ing to­tem I’m play­ing some mp3’s.
    sound: snd_​ich
    fbsd 6.2-RC1/releng
    xorg 7.2-rc3
    gnome 2.16.2

    prob­lem 1
    * I hear mo­ment­ar­ily lapses of sound, small breaks while
    play­ing. Like the sound stream is dis­rup­ted. This is ex­per­i­enced
    while cpu is un­der heavy pres­sure, which is com­mon here.

    I am won­der­ing if there is some­thing I can do to make the sound
    stream flu­ent, or wheth­er this is a gen­er­al prob­lem with the freebsd
    sound sys­tem.

    prob­lem 2
    now while at it.. flash and sound. the linux/​unix flash play­er sound
    sys­tem is cur­rently based on ALSA, the linux sound sys­tem. is there
    any de­vel­op­ment in the dir­ec­tion of court­ing the flash de­velopers
    to con­sider sup­port­ing a freebsd sound sys­tem mod­el along­side
    ALSA, or have there been con­sid­er­a­tions to­ward im­le­ment­ing
    an ALSA com­pat­ib­il­ity „lay­er“ ? Last I heard was that the flash
    linux/​unix team man­ager were open to oth­er unix sys­tems us­ing
    the flash plu­gin if pos­sible (they changed from a li­cense word­ing
    that said it could only be used on Linux to a more gen­er­al word­ing
    that com­for­ted the rest of the crowd, freebsd in­cluded).

    keep up the good work.

  2. an­oth­er note..

    we have:
    cups – com­mon unix print­ing sys­tem

    can we have:
    cuss – com­mon unix sound sys­tem
    cuas – com­mon unix au­dio sys­tem

    with your in­volved in the sound sys­tem pro­jects,
    have you heard any­thing about such a won­der­ful idea?

  3. Hi,

    prob­lem 1: do a “sy­sctl -a | grep latency”. If some­thing shows up in the sound sys­tem re­lated area in­crease the value and try again (I have to use 64 for my snd_​es137x). If this doesn’t help, ask on multimedia@​FreeBSD.​org.

    prob­lem 2: Search the multimedia@ mailing­list. Someone wrote a plu­gin which uses OSS in­stead of ALSA (the flash de­velopers provided some hooks for just this reas­on).

    cups/​cuss: CUPS is a user­land solu­tion for hard­ware which is con­nec­ted ex­tern­ally via a con­nec­tion which al­lows this. In the sound­sys­tem only an USB au­dio driver would be pos­sible in user­land, but you would need spe­cial ap­plic­a­tions us­ing this user­land solu­tion. All real sound­cards (“real” as in con­nec­ted to the PCI bus) need some stuff in the ker­nel. So you have to write ker­nel stuff in any case. So you can’t use CUPS as a pat­tern here.


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  5. Hi Al­ex­an­der;

    FWIW, I spent some time tak­ing a couple of head­ers from NetBSD and OSS to re­place GPL’d head­ers in the sound sys­tem. The GPL is, I un­der­stand, the main reas­on why we don’t com­pile in work­ing sound by de­fault on FreeBSD.
    I hope someone looks at kern/​153901 and kern/​153920. I should also men­tion that OSS car­ries the head­er re­quired to make the csa driver
    GPL free, but I nev­er found a mo­tiv­ated in­di­vidu­al to help me with that one.

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