Try­ing to get some more sound­sys­tem re­lated pro­gress

I star­ted a wiki page about im­prov­ing the sound­sys­tem. The idea is sim­il­ar to the wiki page about im­prov­ing our linuxolat­or. It’s a way to tell the people what is cur­rently avail­able as patches (and where), what is broken and needs to be fixed, which im­prove­ments we like to see and so on. It’s maybe also a good place to list docs for sound­chips. Cur­rently the page about the sound­sys­tem is a little bit low on con­tent. I hope a lot of people con­trib­ute with ideas, facts, sug­ges­tions, point­ers to help­ful stuff, (point­ers to) bugs, point­ing out lack of docs and so on (either by modi­fy­ing the page, or by mail­ing stuff to multimedia@​FreeBSD.​org).

With the linux page I was able to gain some mo­mentum and sev­er­al people are already help­ing with patches, run­ning tests and so on (even little help mat­ters). I hope the sound page will show a sim­il­ar be­ne­fit.

So dear read­er, do you play some mu­sic some­times? Do you play an in­stru­ment which can be con­nec­ted to some oth­er stuff (MIDI)? Do you use acror­ead, skype, or some oth­er linux soft­ware? If yes go to the wiki pages and read them please. When you’re fin­ished please donate 5 – 10 minutes (I don’t mind if you sepnd more) of your time and try to tell us at multimedia@​FreeBSD.​org or emulation@​FreeBSD.​org about stuff you think could be listet there (in­stead of smoking a ci­gar­ette, ar­gue­ing about bad be­ha­vi­or of people around you, or sim­il­ar neg­at­ive stuff). Thanks in ad­vance and trust me, you will earn good karma when you do this!

SoC 2006 fin­ished (sound pro­ject com­mit­ted)

I com­mit­ted the stuff from the sound pro­ject just a few minutes ago. So the SoC 2006 has of­fi­cially ended for me (I just wait for the T-​Shirt now… 🙂 ).

This doesn’t mean I don’t care about the stuff any­more. I will com­mit fixes in case prob­lems show up and I’m also re­spons­ible in case my ex-​mentees have ques­tions or patches. It’s just that the of­fi­cial part is done now.

Happy bughunt­ing to all.

A week­end with linux tests

I did spend the week­end with vari­ous test of the linuxolat­or.

First test­ing the re­main­ing patches from the SoC from Ro­man with real­play­er and acror­ead. The patches changed noth­ing in the tests, but they fixed some bugs nev­ert­less.

After that I com­mit­ted some stuff from sub­mis­sions (aio from In­tron and SO_​PEERCRED from Mar­cin Cieslak) to p4 (avail­able as diffs, fol­low the URL be­low).

The re­main­ing time was spend with the Linux Test Pro­ject test­suite (this stuff is great to have, any­one out there with in­terest in ad­opt­ing the tests for our re­gres­sion test suite?). The res­ult can be seen at the wiki. There I lis­ted which tests pass and which fail, list some open PRs with com­ments and there’s a TODO list. Mar­cin already fixed a bug which res­ul­ted in a lot of fail­ures but only be­cause it af­fected the cleanup phase of a lot of tests (the cur­rent list re­flects the status with his patch ap­plied to cur­rent).

In­ter­ested parties are wel­come to help out with fixing/​categorizing the real fail­ures.