Linuxolat­or bug hunt­ing

Sev­er­al people help debugging/​testing the new linuxolat­or. We already got patches from kib@ and from the con­trib­ut­or which uses “In­tron” as his ali­as in com­mu­nic­a­tion. On the amd64 test­ing side bsam@ helps a lot. So far we fixed a pan­ic with linux_​vfork (I got hit by it while run­ning the glibc re­gres­sion tests) and synced the MI parts of the amd64 stuff. We’re also in the pro­cess to get some more of the un­com­mit­ted stuff of the SoC in­to the tree. This stuff are changes which are done based upon re­views by jhb@ and ssouhlal@. Un­for­tu­nately jhb@ seems to be busy ATM, so we have to wait a little bit for his re­view of the changes.

We still have the fu­tex prob­lem, but there are patches float­ing around which at least fix some prob­lems with real­play.

Ro­man is go­ing on hol­i­day at the end of the com­ming week, I hope we are able to fix some prob­lems un­til then.

linuxolat­or SoC work com­mit­ted

I com­mit­ted most of Ro­mans work in the linuxolat­or to cur­rent. The new sy­scalls aren’t used un­til you run

sy­sctl com­pat.linux.osrelease=2.6.16

to switch back (after ex­it­ing all linux pro­grams) you just have to run

sy­sctl compat.linux.osrelease=2.4.2

But you have to do this on i386. Amd64 sup­port is not com­plete (and be­sides this, amd64 is still broken and nobody provided the nec­cessary de­bug­ging info to jhb@).

There are some known prob­lems with osrelease=2.6.16, e.g., prob­lems with fu­texes (vis­ible in acror­ead, real­play and skype), but some pro­grams already run without ob­vi­ous prob­lems (linux–fire­fox, linux-​opera).

Any re­ports about new prob­lems to netchild@ and rdivacky@ please. Re­views, de­bug­ging info and patches are wel­come too.

I got some­thing done in the last days

Wow, some of the TODO items in the last post are done:

  • emu10k1 lower pri­or­ity on at­tach (al­lows emu10kx to at­tach when loaded too)
  • sade com­mit­ted (and code im­proved)

And I did some more things:

  • emu10kx fixes (sub­mit­ted by Yur­iy)
  • en­hance­ment of the bsd to linux er­rno map­ping (sub­mit­ted by “In­tron”)
  • ad­ded some more files to (sub­mit­ted by kris@)
  • had a look at linux_​kdump and de­term­ined that we should up­date it with what we have in -cur­rent

There’s also a sub­mis­sion of sup­port for Envy24HT chips from Kon­stantin (he also has a page with a lot of docs for envy* chips).

Sum­mary of the last days

Not much happened in the last days. I talked with my SoC 2006 stu­dents and helped them a little bit with know­ledge and test­ing. I also did com­mit some fixes for the envy24 driver to cur­rent.

ATM I have some hol­i­days. So I think I should get some more time do to some stuff in FreeBSD… at least when it stays rainy and I’m able to find some new fur­niture for the liv­ing room soon (either it’s com­fort­able, or it does look good; in case it is com­fort­able and does look good, it’s either not avail­able in the con­fig­ur­a­tion you want, or it is at least 3 times more ex­pens­ive than you are will­ing to spend… sigh).

On my TODO list is to com­mit is “sade”, the break out of the fdisk and disk­la­bel ed­it­or in sys­in­stall. I have patches for this, but need to fix-​up a little part be­fore I can com­mit it. After that sys­in­stall can be re­placed with some­thing else, and we still have the nice curses fron­tend for disk par­ti­tion­ing avail­able. An­oth­er TODO item is to give a lower pri­or­ity to the emu10k1 driver, so that the emu10kx driver has pre­ced­ence in all cases. And there are some easy patches in some PRs I want to deal with.