Some days of ment­or­ing…

In the last days I spend my free time with ment­or­ing Bor­is and the SoC stu­dents. Bor­is is maybe ready to fly solo now (and he already got im­pli­cit aprov­al for sev­er­al things from me), but I will keep an eye on him from time to time for some more weeks.

The linuxolat­or SoC pro­ject pro­gresses faster now. We may have sup­port for TLS, TID and fu­texes in the com­ming week (this should al­low us to run FC4/​FC5 with a linux ker­nel ver­sion of 2.6.x, time will tell).

In the sound SoC pro­ject, Ry­an cre­ated an user re­pos­it­ory. He is more com­fort­able with com­mit­ting “micro-​changes” to the user branch first to not spam the per­force mailing­list. I don’t think this mat­ters, but when he feels more com­fort­able this way, I don’t ob­ject. This makes it a little bit harder for me to fol­low, but I will nag him more of­ten for a status re­port then.

I also MFCed the fixes for Or­acle 10, it should work on 6–stable too now.

1 thought on “Some days of ment­or­ing…”

  1. well… the linuxolat­or is in the state where I should be just fix­ing some last re­main­ing things and it should be done pretty soon.. cur­rently I am in a pro­cess of im­ple­ment­ing CLONE_​SETTLS se­mantics in clone() sy­scall. this is a bit tricky

    we have work­ing fc4 on pro­grams that does­nt use threads (my the­ory) be­cause of the miss­ing CLONE_​SETTLS. it re­mains to im­ple­ment tid/​pid hand­ling (that should be very trivi­al) and the CLONE_​SETTLS and we should have full NPTL sup­port. there’s still a prob­lem with memory leak (which seems to lead to a pan­ic) and I dont know how to ad­dress this ;(

    the weath­er is against me as it reaches al­most 40C here ;(

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