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Lin­ux­o­la­tor fixes for Ora­cle 10g

In the last days I did not only spend my time approv­ing stuff of my mentee Boris, I also worked a lit­tle bit on the lin­ux­o­la­tor myself. Thanks to Dmitry Ganenko and a mail of him to emulators@ I was able to fix some bugs which pre­vented Ora­cle 10g Express Edi­tion from run­ning. While the com­mit­ted fixes are dif­fer­ent from the patches he sub­mit­ted, he did a very good job of track­ing down the prob­lems and pro­vid­ing hints and a test­case. If no bug shows up, I will merge the fixes to -sta­ble in a week.

Now let’s see how long it takes for some­one to write a port for Ora­cle 10g based upon his descrip­tion.


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lin­ux­o­la­tor day

A happy wel­come to Boris Samorodov to the ports com­mit­ters team (I’m his men­tor). This means I don’t have the bur­den to take care of the lin­ux­o­la­tor infra­struc­ture in the Ports Col­lec­tion alone any­more. Yeah!

Today I com­mit­ted another part of Roman’s work in the lin­ux­o­la­tor SoC. Now we should get log mes­sages for the new miss­ing syscalls for real. We defin­i­tively need high level overview doc­u­ments for sub­sys­tems.

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USB PR shooting

I did shoot down some USB related PR’s today. We have now sup­port for more devices in uscan­ner, umo­dem and one new PDA in uvi­sor. Addi­tion­ally all peo­ple which use the con­troller of a XBOX 360 will now notice that the LEDs on them stop blink­ing, when the uhid dri­ver attaches to it (like on the XBOX 360).

This affects -cur­rent and -sta­ble.

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A lit­tle bit of cleanup

I com­mit­ted a lit­tle bit of cleanup / some XXX com­ments to the soundsys­tem, extended the linux(4) man page a lit­tle bit and removed some alpha spe­cific sec­tion 4 man pages which where over­looked at the time alpha was removed from cur­rent.

I think I will enjoy the sun in the back­yard a lit­tle bit now… 😎

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The bad side of life :(

Just returned home from a nice evening with friends and noticed, that the wife of one of our com­mit­ters has some seri­ous med­ical prob­lems. There­fore Rus­lans asks for help and the spread­ing of this bad news. I hope a lot of peo­ple read this and are able to help Ruslan’s love.

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