Since Ro­man wanted to cre­ate his linuxolat­or branch in per­force, I had to make my­self fa­mil­i­ar with per­force too, to be able to an­swer his ques­tions. I learned my first steps in per­force by cre­at­ing the sound branch (I’m ment­or­ing Ry­an to­geth­er with Ar­iff). Cre­at­ing the branch was not hard, but I man­aged to fail in some way… I used the wrong user­name part for Ryan’s branch name (“rbeas­ley” in­stead of “ry­anb”). I think this means I shouldn’t trust my memory and double-​check such facts in the fu­ture. Since it’s only a namespace is­sue to not have con­flicts when sev­er­al people want to cre­ate branches with the same name (but a dif­fer­ent se­mant­ic of what has to be done there), I don’t think it mat­ters.

Ro­man hadn’t as much “luck” than I had. He for­got to add a „/​“ in an im­port­ant place which res­ul­ted in files like “…_​linuxolatoramd64/​…” in­stead of “…_​linuxolator/​amd64/​…” while branch­ing. While ICQ is nice to dis­cuss some­thing in real-​time over large dis­tances, you can’t look over the shoulder of someone. Mea culpa (stu­dents which are ex­cited and eager to try some­thing… I think I re­mem­ber how this feels 😉 ). He is resolv­ing this as I write this.

While I see some be­ne­fits in the way per­force is work­ing (seems to al­low some power­ful things we can’t do with CVS), I have to say the per­form­ance sucks when cre­at­ing branches (I did it at home via DSL and a com­pressed ssh tun­nel to the per­force serv­er, not on freefall where it should have been much faster). But I didn’t cre­ated a FreeBSD branch with CVS, so maybe CVS sucks more when do­ing this. 🙂

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